We will always have the art of conversation

In the span of twelve hours, I managed to have three distinct, important, and meaningful conversations. I accomplished this feat without leaving the confines of Riverside CA no less!

This was the liveliest, and thankfully the one recorded live by Hey Riverside. Feel free to jump around and catch a snippet or two worth a laugh or a derisive tsk-tsk. It’s much like my new book, Secret Inland Empire, something to pick up and open randomly, often coming away with something to smile about. Dare to compare your memory of the IE to my version? Step inside –

Author: LM Burns

I try to write about my interests and things I know something about- Higher Education: Interested and have over a decade as a teacher and administrator. Writing & Literature: I write daily, publish occasionally, and continue learning. Culture and Travel: I consider myself more traveled than cultured, but I am working on it.

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