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Larry Burns. Writer, Cogitator, Educator, Agitator, Artist.

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All my creative work originates from the heady blend of sights, sounds, peoples, and places of the Inland Empire (the IE). Living and creating from the IE has its pros and cons. Sometimes my lungs seize from the diesel fumes and I taste rocket fuel in my drinking water. But then I spy Tahquitz Peak from I-10 (the dime) at sunrise and I remember why I live here.

There are amazing bits amongst the dust. Mining that shiny stuff requires fun collaborators. Nobody does anything on their own! I’ve made cool things with other people, and animals and plants and even a short novel with GPT-2, an open-source artificial intelligence created by OpenAI in 2019 (Trash Novel).

Recent Blog Posts and Videos

I keep busy around the Inland Empire exploring popular culture and places where it is easy to get lost. If it is worth sharing, I write and talk about it with anyone who will listen. Look closer, there is plenty to be happy about.

The Horror & Freedom of Empty Space

The Horror & Freedom of Empty Space

It begs the question:  Is something empty really empty?  For instance, as the “new home” for the Library waits for one more “yes” vote from the city council, what sits in that empty lot?  What is it about an empty pedestal that sparks a thought.  Who is to say what belongs in the space?  And how much is too much?  What is the correct price tag? 

My Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events

I love sharing stories from my road trips doing research for my books. I once did a 12 hour, 392-mile photo tour of both Inland Empire deserts (Sonoran and Mojave). In July! I don’t recommend it but do check here for stories about that art fueled ride.

August 2022

My Writing

I started in fiction but found joyful freedom in creative nonfiction, particularly writing that is placed based. My characters usually care about establishing and maintaining social bonds through culture, ritual, and recreation. I like to ask how place shapes a person and how actions represent values.

My Videos

Sometimes I say stuff in public and sometimes there are cameras present. When that happens, and it is not legally incriminating, I put it here.

My Social Media

Pictures of Inland Empire desert art, cool cultural events, sometimes inquisitive dogs or smiling children. Usually absurd and inconsequential.

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