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It Came from the IE – reading from Secret Inland Empire

Speaker: Larry Burns: author of Secret Inland Empire
Refreshments will be served, followed by the speaker.
Admission is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

soldiers walking through desert on camels

“Secret #IE” Book Talk at Highland Area Historical Society

Larry Burns – The Secret Inland Empire: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure Author…

tree in planter in desert

Where is the Inland Empire?

I recently completed a book about the rich cultural landscape of the Inland Empire. That…

shows a painted apple, a large wooden indian head, an india mandir, a shelf of foodstuffs

Part-time writing humor for your part time reading pleasure

Part-Timer Paradox The #part-timer qualifier finds it’s way into most of my job titles. Sometimes…

What We Could Be

This week, journalist and photographer David Bacon sledgehammers a hole in the wall, revealing the…