SB County Museum: Dome Talks Speaker Series

July 16 is the final speaker in the series, Larry Burns, local author of Secret Inland Empire: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. Drawing inspiration and ideas from the heady mixture of sights, sounds, peoples, and places of the Inland Empire, Burns answers compelling questions, “How did the first McDonald’s perfect the taste that took over the globe?”, “Where can you go to receive the first messages from Mars and probe photographs sent to NASA?”, “How did an hourly employee from the Inland Empire invent Flaming Hot Cheetos?” and other stories that reveal the wacky history of our beloved region.

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It Came from the IE – reading from Secret Inland Empire

Speaker: Larry Burns: author of Secret Inland Empire
Refreshments will be served, followed by the speaker.
Admission is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Writers invade artswalk and hold mandatory reading

AI systems are creating video, photos, and text indistinguishable from human created content. Sometimes the only way to tell what is real or fake is to ask another machine! These advances led me to a neural network called GPT-2. Play with the model yourself at In the handout, the underlined portions are the unedited contributions of the GPT-2 neural network.

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“Secret #IE” Book Talk at Highland Area Historical Society

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