How did I get here?

On a morning walk, I saw a crash-landed mylar balloon struggling in a manzanita shrub. In that moment, I knew my art was like that mylar balloon – a shiny distraction, caught in the natural world, destined to become blight in the community. mylarr was born.

Since then, I’ve been reusing discarded materials to make assemblage for outdoor display. In 2022, I became the caretaker and artist of Sunvale Village, a 10-acre interactive outdoor art assemblage in Wonder Valley, not far from the North entrance (Utah Trail) of Joshua Tree National Park.

Art Made

Stuff I’ve made, things I’ve done. I enjoy materials that can be reused and performance that embraces the absurd.

Art Scene

Yeah, I’ve seen some things. When it’s artists I love or places I value, I create memories and share them with you here. Find new art, discover new places, explore new parts of yourself.