100 Things…Riverside

Media related to the book
Hidden Art and Hikes around Riverside Part II of my interview with Jessica Greenwell and KVC-Arts Radio, 91.9 KVCR.
KVC-Arts Interview with Jessica Greenwell features cool things to do such as Riverside’s Lunar Fest coming mid January 2018, Festival of Lights, Harada House, Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties.
The Literary Librarian was generous enough to interview me – where I name drop the following people/places/and things, mostly within suitable context – Target Corporation, Frederick Douglass, Cati Porter, deadlines, chores, Santa Ana, LA Lit, Inland Empire, Inlandia, Carolyn See, The 52 Project.
Thank you literary highlighters, Amarine Ravenwood and Persia Black. They create beautiful places for writers and readers, and overall thinkers, to share a few words together when the mood strikes.
My Awesome Empire Radio appearance with Lacey Kendall and Arnold Robles
KMIR/NBC  – TV personality Angela Monroe joined me at three great sites from the book, Back to the Grind, Adams Motorsports Park, Fairmount Park
Raincross Radio appearance featuring the tasty brews of Packinghouse Brewing, among other finds, listen here.
Artist’s Spotlight, Press Enterprise Interview
Independent Bookseller Day @ Cellar Door Books Appearance
Never Be Bored in Riverside, Press Enterprise Book Article
Educator Appreciation Month Interview on “Like a Boss” Podcast with Tiana Sanchez
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Kiddos 101
Made in Riverside
UC Riverside bookstore
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Mission Inn Museum
Blue Door Store @Riverside Art Museum
March Air Field Museum
Riverside Community Arts Association
Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s
Urge Palette
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Here is some basic information regarding the book.  This is a culture and travel guide, highlighting great things to do in Riverside.  Broadly covering five categories – Food, Entertainment, Recreation, Culture, Shopping- it is a useful resource for residents of Riverside and Inland SoCal. For visitors, it can provide them with plenty to do while in Riverside for business or pleasure.
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Events –
3/25 Launch Party!! Riverside Art Museum
4/6 Artswalk at Urge Palette
4/29 Indie Bookseller Day at Cellar Door Books
5/6 Beerwalk Canyon Crest at Migliore Gourmet Food
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From the intro –
“Riverside is a city founded by abolitionists, teetotalers, and other advocates of social justice. Their ambitious hopes for humanity created a place that was forward thinking, artistic, technologically progressive, and different from the status quo. What I put together here was designed to illustrate the achievement of that vision. Driving it is an economy that came into its own by creating and sustaining a citrus industry with the navel orange as its cornerstone.
In Riverside, we love our open spaces and our military. It shaped the community, which is why you should stop at the Riverside National Cemetery to experience the memorials or attend the 4th of July Concert for Heroes. It’s why we have the largest urban open space set inside city limits west of the Mississippi at Sycamore Canyon. It’s why we have a vast, protected greenbelt (Victoria Avenue) that hosts food, drivers, and tens of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year. It’s why we hold an annual Military Picnic that brings in nearly as many volunteers as it does service members!”
Reedy Press, publisher