Wow, many new and exciting things in this new job. First, I spent last night moving my new home office from my bedroom to a spare room. After looking at the set up required and the number of hours I will be working from this space, it just made sense to move it down the hall. I checked to make sure the equipment work…it did the first time!
Got plenty of sleep, woke up on time to make the “commute” down the hall for the 8 AM start!  I’m part of about 30 other newly hired full time faculty (FTF). So cool to be part of this initiative to better support student success – GPA, completion, retention, graduation. And knowing I will impact local students where this is there best chance to achieve career and academic success is key for me. I want my work to make a difference. I was pleasantly surprised to see community impact listed as a Core Value in my training this AM at University of Phoenix 🙂
All the technology worked well and there was a minimum of background noise…but it is still amazing that folks out there still have not mastered the “mute” button for teleconferencing…I hope I don’t run into these people at a movie.
Our structured day just ended. I’m spending the duration of the day on personalized training, setting up the new class (GEN127) I will start next week, and chatting with my new peer mentors.  It still feels unreal, those first few days are always the best, so I’m going to try and stay in this great moment as long as possible.
More to come!