Being Wendall

About this book – It was written while I completed the MA in Humanities Weekend College Program at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, CA.  It was made possible through generous support and advice from my mentor, Marcos M Villatoro. The first version of this novella was published in 2006 by Mount Voices Literary Press with editing by Ileanna Portillo. The text was revised and edited and re-released in 2016 with new art and an electronic version.

Synopsis – Wendall’s got problems. A job in flux, a wife with big money on her mind, and his rural community facing economic progress, whether they like it or not. Happiness and stability and order become increasingly difficult. He spies glimpses of the happy life through the cracked open doors of the customers along his meat sales route. With a poorly organized bunch of cast-aways, eco-terrorists, and soccer moms, Wendall hopes to adapt and secure that American Dream shimmering just above the horizon.



About the author – Larry Burns lives in Riverside, California (aka Inland Socal, The Inland Empire, The 909, Valley of the Dirt People, Inlandia) with his wife, three kids, and several mutts. Like the characters in this novella, each of them have their own quirks, magical skills, and eating preferences. He fits writing in when he is not selectively wasting time, chasing a toddler, or teaching freshman coursework at University of Phoenix.

Buy it here at the link, or purchase it in Riverside at:

Cellar Door Books

5225 Canyon Crest Drive, Riverside


Riverside Community Arts Association

3870 Lemon Street, Riverside


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