All You do to Me is [TED] Talk, Talk

Living as a human my entire life, the last decade paddling around in higher education, shaped my belief that teaching via processes like “childhood” and “school” generate behaviors and values we desire most consistently.  The everyday observations by a child regarding adult behavior, and the standardized lesson planning in education shape our beliefs, often to the detriment of other types of critical thinking evidence.

The Horror & Freedom of Empty Space

It begs the question:  Is something empty really empty?  For instance, as the “new home” for the Library waits for one more “yes” vote from the city council, what sits in that empty lot?  What is it about an empty pedestal that sparks a thought.  Who is to say what belongs in the space?  And how much is too much?  What is the correct price tag? 

Will You Be a First Responder to ITT Tech Students?

Teaching and college administration has been my calling for well over a decade. From 2005-2009,…

The Big Why

I teach freshman because I believe the first few classes in college set the tone…

Look Down! You are Standing on Someone’s Shoulders

I’m in heavy training mode these last two weeks thanks to my full time faculty…

Say Thank You

Say Thank You.